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PIL Logistics
Powering Your Move in Asia

PIL Logistics, a wholly owned subsidiary of the PIL Group, positioned itself as a lead logistics provider that focuses on helping companies (largely American, European and Japanese) in succeeding their move into the challenging emerging markets within China and South East Asia.


PIL Logistics is headquartered in Singapore with 8 branch offices across China in Qingdao, Tianjin, Nanjing, Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Alashankou. This is further supported through 2 subsidiaries in Rizhao and Yancheng of China, and a Joint Venture company in Vietnam located in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

The keys to our business are having tested solutions that are valued by our customers, supported by proven processes and IT systems, and managed by a committed team of like-minded individuals who have a strong service mindset and are relentless in pursuing quality.


Products & Services

Services that PIL Logistics provides are broadly categorized into the management of freight, ISO Tank, Warehousing, Value-added services and Consultancy.

Our freight related services include both international and domestics transportation, and cover scopes that include road, rail, air and sea transportation, forwarding & customs clearance and provision of tracking information.

With these functional capabilities that were built over the years, solutions are created through logically linking all the relevant functions that caters to specific needs of different customer groups.

PIL Logistics had created 5 solutions we called products over the years, and they include Forward Hubbing, Transport Optimization, Export Suite, Trade+ and Order Centralization.

Forward Hubbing caters to the producer of commodity products, who sees the advantage of moving their products nearer to where their end buyers are located.

Transport Optimisation uses our state-of-the-art IT system to manage delivery planning for shipment of different sizes.

Export Suite caters to brand owners who use multiple overseas contract manufacturers to produce their brand products.

Trade+ allows overseas companies to test their products in a foreign market (e.g. China) without the immediate needs to set up any legal entity in that foreign country.

Order Centralisation provides the options for companies to centralise its control over order processing and logistics functions at a common locations.