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PIL Singapore Head Office

 PIL Building,
 140 Cecil Street
 Singapore 069540

 For general enquiries, please contact our hotline at: +65 6221 8133
 Or e-mail us at: general@sgp.pilship.com

 To contact our export customer service personnel for bookings at Singapore: +65 6226 5779
 Or e-mail us at: jennifer.cheng@sgp.pilship.com

 To contact our import department: +65 6224 8770
 Or e-mail us at: asinward.doc@sgp.pilship.com

 For more information on the exciting career opportunities that are offered by PIL,
 you may visit the career section of our website at the below link:

 For more information about seafaring careers,
 please write directly to pil.ship-staff@sgp.pilship.com

 For media enquiries only,
 please e-mail us at: corpcomms@sgp.pilship.com