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Office-Based Careers
Integrity means a lot to us – it has been the foundation of our business for 46 years.

Starting your Career in Shipping

Trade Management

Our trade management overseas the operational activities of different regions and their associated costs, focusing on maximizing profitability. The aim of the department is to promote all PIL service networks, feeder services and transhipment hubs. We focus on building one’s analytical and interpersonal skills, knowledge on shipping operations and capacity to take quick decisions working in the “front line”.


Our sales team work diligently to catch all market opportunities with the aim to satisfy internal and external clients. We encourage a cohesive and supportive work environment. By fostering your know-how and entrepreneurial spirit, you can learn the business and become part of the success. We focus on developing your natural sales ability and helping you to build a diverse and collaborative relationship with PIL internal and external clients.

Customer Service

We achieve customers’ satisfaction by recognising the need for accurate and effective delivery of data. We are attention to details and focus on meeting customers’ requirements within the timeframe. At PIL, we cultivate a family-oriented work environment and encourage our staff to contribute to a positive work climate by showing support for their colleagues and other team members.

Fleet Management

You will be involved in the operations of the vessels, ensuring that they are operated safely, efficiently and economically. PIL Fleet division also procures bunkers and insurances, process and manage claims for cargo, crew, hull and requests relating to Protection and Indemnity.

We operate under a fast-paced environment with rapidly changing priorities and we focus on building your problem solving skills and enhancing your decision-making ability.

Technical Services

Working with our technical division, you will be expected to learn and manage the aptitude of every ship type, from conception to delivery and beyond. PIL is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and constantly seek to improve our ship design and at the same time ensuring safe and efficient transportation of cargo.


Starting your Career in Business Support

Corporate Services

We believe that Staff are the foundation of the company’s success. There are distinct roles in Corporate Division ranging from IT, HR, Corporate Communications to Joint-Venture Management, offering you the opportunities to learn and grow. Our HR department will work with you to fit your expertise and the company opportunities in order to actualize mutual success.

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and Finance plays a pivot role in PIL to ensure the financial health of the group. Essential information is provided to our management for decision-making and risk managing. We focus on developing your financial and leadership skills where you would contribute most to the business.