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To be a leader in the maritime industry by providing high quality and reliable shipping and related services.

We believe in maintaining long-term relationships with our customers, colleagues and partners.
We are constantly seeking out new challenges to broaden our horizons in order to yield the best value for our stake-holders, at same time fulfilling our responsibility to society and environment.

Our Core Values

The iconic red PIL acronym represents the shipping line from Asia. Each blue wave signifies a core value that people identify PIL with: Relationship-centric, Integrity, Flexibility, Result-oriented, Collective-vision and Entrepreneurship.

This is what our customers, partners and associates feel when engaging in business with PIL.

The Iran-Iraq war and our commitment to our customers:

On the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq war, the only port connecting Iraq to the outside world was the Jordanian port of Aqaba. Placed under a UN blockade and with insurers levying a high war-risk premium, many shipping lines chose to remain outside the port. However, PIL felt on balance that with the agreement of the ship’s crew, the extra lengths required to enter the port were entirely justified. In spite of the financial cost, having to undergo UN inspection and the potential risk (albeit one we felt was acceptable), we were able to deliver on the promises we made to our customers, and deliver goods to a part of the world badly starved of basic necessities.

Piracy and our ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances:

With the incidence of piracy off the coast of Africa at its peak in 2009 and 2010, PIL was quick to realise that the status-quo in the region had changed irreversibly. In order to ensure the safety of our crews and cargo, PIL was amongst the first liners in the region to adopt armed guards – considered at the time, a bold step.