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Seafaring Careers
Integrity means a lot to us – it has been the foundation of our business for 46 years.

Starting your Career in Seafaring

Ship Captain

One will be placed in charge of the entire ship. Ensuring safe navigation of the ship, her passengers, crew and cargo onboard is the Ship Captains' top priority. Apart from safe navigation, the Master will have to observe the national and international codes of conduct in guiding sea transportation.


The Engineers keep a close eye on all mechanical and electrical equpiment on board from propulsion system to cabin facilities to ensure smooth running of the vessel.

Maritime Labour Convention 2006

The ILO's Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006 provides comprehensive rights and protection at work for seafarers.  The Convention aims to achieve both decent working conditions for seafarers and secure economic interests in fair competition for quality ship owners.

MLC has been designed to become a global instrument known as the "fourth pillar" of the international regulatory regime for quality shipping, complementing the key Conventions of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

On 20 August 2012, the ILO announced the 30th ratification of the MLC 2006 and, since the major flag states have ratified, the entry into force requirement has been met. The MLC 2006 enters into force on 20 August 2013 for all ships coming within the scope of the Convention.

PIL started implementing MLC compliance onboard our vessels since the beginning of 2013. Each of the Company's vessels has been issued a MLC Certificate under the approved Classification Society of Lloyd's Register (LR), certifying that the vessel has been inspected and complies with the requirements of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006.

A listing of the relevant MLC Certificate issued to each vessel is set below.