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Where Do You Fit In
At PIL, we strive to ensure that the right people are placed in the right jobs.

An assortment of roles and responsibilities awaits you in our array network of offices.

Career areas in Shipping

Commercial: Liner Trade, Feedering & Multipurpose Services

Operations: Ship planning & more

Shipping Agency: Customer Service, Documentation, Sales & Marketing & more

Technical: Ship building projects, Vessel Maintenance & Repair
Fleet: Marine Personnel Management, 
Procurement, Marine Insurance & more.

Research & Strategic Planning

Logistics: Equipment Management, Container Maintenance & Repair, Port/Terminal Cost Management

Career areas in Business support

Finance: Accounting, Treasury, Agents & more

Information Technology: Technical Support, Application Support & more

Human Resource: Staffing/Recruitment, Compensation & Benefits, Learning & Development, Payroll Policy & more

Internal Audit
Joint Venture & Investment

Corporate Development

Career areas in Seafaring

Ship Captain & Officers