Local Documentation Charges For CHENNAI- Exports (w.e.f. 01.01.2019)

Type of Charges Basis of Charges Amount
THCL 20' General 5100
20' DG cargoes 6000
20' Reefer 12800
40' General 7600
40' DG cargoes 8900
40' Reefer 18150
20' Reefer USD 3.54 Plugging / Unplugging charges per container for every 4 hours.
40' Reefer USD 5.31
Reefer monitoring (Surveyor charge) Per container per shift 300
B/L Issuance Charges Per B/L 3200
Issuance of Sea Waybill Per B/L 3500
Switch B/L Charges Per B/L USD 175 If B/L switched at Chennai.
B/L Surrender / Telex Release Charges Per B/L 3000
B/L Release in 3rd Party Country Per B/L 3500 For release of OB/L in any 3rd Party Country.
B/L Inter-Location Charge Per B/L 3750 B/L Released at Chennai for other booking office at India .
B/L Amendment Charges Amendment after release of OB/L (Per B/L) 4000 Any amendment that is required by the Shipper / Customer after the OB/L is released to them.
B/L Re-Issuance Charges For Re-Issuance of OB/L (Per B/L) 3000 For Re-Issuance of OB/L upon surrender of the earlier OB/L released.
Late B/L Charges Per week / Per B/L 5000 First 5 working days free from vessel sailing.
Late Shipping Instructions Charges Per B/L 1000 Applicable if received later than 2 working days from the date of vessel sailing for Long haul sectors and if received after vessel sailing for short haul sectors.
Landing Certificate Charges Per Document 3000
Cheque Bounce Charges Per Cheque 5000
Seal Fee Per Seal USD 8
System Fesilitation Fee Per B/L USD 10
Change of Destination Cost 20' Container USD 100
40' Container USD 200
B/L Inter-Location Charges2000B/L Released at other location for Chennai booking

Type of Charges Amount in USD per Container basis
Detention - General container 20' 40'
1st day - 17th day (7 days) 10 20
18 th day - 24 th day (7 days) 20 40
Thereafter 30 60
Type of Charges Amount in USD per Container basis
Detention - Special Equipment (Opentop/Highcube/Flat rack) 20' 40'
1 st day - 12th day (7 days) 10 20
13th day - 19 th day (7 days) 20 40
Thereafter 30 60
Type of Charges Amount in USD per Container basis
Detention - Reefer container 20' 40'
1 st day - 14 th day (7 days)20 40
15 th day - 21 st day (7 days)td> 30 60
Thereafter 50 100

-> All the above given Charges are subject to GST at the prevailing rate.
-> Demurrage, Detention and LOLO Charges will be debited as per PIL's standard tariff which will be made available on specific request.
-> Plug-In / Monitoring Charges for active Reefer Containers will be applicable as per the Terminal / PIL's standard tariff.
-> Where Charges are imposed by Terminals or by other Governing Authorities, PIL reserves the right to debit such Charges back to the Customer as the case may be.
-> The above tariff will be posted in our Office at the Documentation counter and will also be made available on specific request.
-> The above tariff is subject to change from time to time without prior notice.