Paperless Bill of Lading

Digitalisation is shaping the way shipping industry is doing business with the world. For decades , many have attempted to find solutions to the difficulties, costs and inefficiency that are associated with paper bills of lading. Going electronic seem to be the right direction to move !

An electronic bill of lading (eBL) is not just an electronic version of the paper bill of lading. It is a combination of a globally accepted legal framework and technology that are provided by platforms that must be P&I Club approved. It replicates the functions of a traditional paper bill of lading in a digital way, and being eco-friendly with paperless BL.

The electronic features make documents creation, approval, distribution, tracking easier than the paper bill of lading. The parties in the eBL eco-system will find a lot of benefits such as : reducing potential fraud, eliminating chances of paper BLs being lost in transit, more cost effective in reducing administrative costs, and time efficiency in getting documents transferred faster and easier.

PIL is excited to be now a part of this transformation ! Please contact our local offices to find out more.