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Multi-Purpose Service
You can rely on us to serve that specific port you need.

At PIL, we provide a regular break-bulk shipping service from Far East to Africa as well as tramping service worldwide.

Our West Africa service line sails one ship from Far East every 2 weeks. The tramping service mainly covers trade lanes from Far East to/from Europe continental, Far East to/from US Gulf, Far East to/from east coast South America, Europe continental to /from US Gulf, and any other destinations which the customers require. The cargoes we carry include break bulk such as windmills, plant equipment, pipes, logs, vehicles, boats, and any dry bulk cargo such as mineral, grain, fertilizer, etc.

Presently, PIL operates a fleet of 12 multi-purpose ships ranging from 25000 DWT to 27000 DWT. All our ships are equipped with heavy lift cranes, which are able to lift up to 200 MT when combined.